IDEAYA’s IDE397 Shows Promise in Treating MTAP-Deletion Cancers

IDEAYA Biosciences reports positive interim Phase 2 data for IDE397, a potential first-in-class MAT2A inhibitor, in treating MTAP-deletion urothelial and lung cancers.

Key points:

  • IDE397 achieved a 39% Overall Response Rate and 94% Disease Control Rate in evaluable patients.
  • The drug demonstrated a favorable safety profile with only 5.6% grade 3 or higher drug-related adverse events at the 30mg once-daily expansion dose.
  • The estimated U.S. annual incidence of MTAP-deletion urothelial cancer and NSCLC is approximately 48,000 patients.

Market estimate: The global oncology drugs market is expected to reach $274.40 billion by 2030, according to Allied Market Research.


Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

IDEAYA Biosciences (NASDAQ: IDYA) has unveiled promising results for its experimental drug IDE397.

This potential first-in-class MAT2A inhibitor has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in treating cancers with MTAP deletion, a genetic alteration found in certain aggressive tumors.

Impressive Clinical Results

The interim Phase 2 data presented by IDEAYA offers hope for patients battling urothelial and lung cancers with the MTAP deletion.

IDE397 achieved a notable 39% Overall Response Rate, including one complete response and six partial responses among 18 evaluable patients.

Even more striking was the 94% Disease Control Rate, indicating the drug’s effectiveness in halting cancer progression in nearly all treated patients.

Expert Opinions

Dr. Darrin Beaupre, Chief Medical Officer at IDEAYA, expressed enthusiasm about the results. “We are highly encouraged by the preliminary clinical efficacy and favorable safety profile observed with IDE397,” he stated.

The drug’s ability to shrink tumors in 78% of patients while maintaining a manageable side effect profile is particularly noteworthy.

Potential Impact and Market Significance

The potential impact of IDE397 is substantial.

With an estimated 48,000 new cases of MTAP-deletion urothelial cancer and non-small cell lung cancer annually in the U.S., this drug could offer a lifeline to patients who currently have no FDA-approved targeted therapies.

IDEAYA’s CEO, Yujiro S. Hata, emphasized the drug’s significance in the oncology landscape.

The global oncology drugs market, valued at $135.49 billion in 2020, is projected to reach $274.40 billion by 2030, and IDE397 could capture a significant portion of this growing market.

Safety Profile and Future Prospects

The drug’s favorable safety profile, with only 5.6% of patients experiencing grade 3 or higher drug-related adverse events, suggests it could be suitable for long-term use and combination therapies.

While these results are preliminary and further studies are needed, the potential of IDE397 to transform the treatment landscape for patients with MTAP-deletion cancers is undeniable.

Source: IDEAYA Announces Positive Interim Phase 2 Monotherapy Expansion Data for IDE397

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