Is Annovis Bio a Top Short Squeeze Candidate?

Despite positive clinical data for its Parkinson’s disease treatment, Annovis Bio’s financial challenges and market position make it a risky candidate for a short squeeze.

Key points:

  1. Annovis Bio’s stock surged 76% following positive Phase III data for buntanetap, with Wall Street predicting a potential 240% increase in share price over the next year.
  2. The company faces significant financial challenges, with only $3.1 million in cash and quarterly operating expenses hovering around $8 million in the latest quarter, likely necessitating recapitalization.
  3. While 15.3% of Annovis Bio’s float is shorted, its less-than-ideal financial situation creates an unfavorable setup for a potent short squeeze.


Annovis Bio (NASDAQ: ANVS) made headlines with its stock surging 76% on Tuesday following positive Phase III data for buntanetap, its Parkinson’s disease treatment. This breakthrough has sparked interest in the company’s potential as a short squeeze candidate.

Annovis Bio’s value proposition

The global Parkinson’s disease treatment market is projected to reach $7.19 billion by 2027, with Annovis Bio’s buntanetap expected to generate $303 million annually by 2035, according to analysts covering the stock. Wall Street analysts predict a potential 240% increase in Annovis Bio’s share price over the next year in response to this favorable dynamic.

Key risk factors

However, the company faces significant challenges. As of March 31, 2024, Annovis Bio had only $3.1 million in cash and cash equivalents, with quarterly operating expenses coming in at $7.8 million in the first-quarter of 2024. The stock is also heavily shorted, with 15.3% of its float short, and has lost 90% of its value over the past three years.

What’s next?

While buntanetap’s potential is undeniable, Annovis Bio’s financial situation suggests a likely need for recapitalization, which could negatively impact share prices in the short term. This financial weakness, combined with the existing short interest, creates a complex scenario for a potential short squeeze.

Despite the positive clinical data and enormous market potential, Annovis Bio’s current financial state and market position make it a risky candidate for a significant short squeeze. 

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